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Make a Family Safety Plan!

Just like every family should have a fire safety plan, every family should also have a safety plan. This can be a simple notebook and plan of action or it can be an elaborate security system. Assess your current needs and situation and begin making your family safety plan today! Start by creating a safety book or binder. This should include lists of:

  • Emergency contact persons and their phone numbers

  • Lists of medication needed by family members

  • Other important information


Identify two safe places in your home (or around your home). One will be the main safe meeting place and the other a backup. 


Assess your home and identify all the methods of evacuation. Identify places that would be safe in a storm vs safe from an intruder. 

Practice how to escape or hide in different scenarios.

Have your children practice calling 911. Teach them when this is needed and how to recite their full address. Teach them how to use a fire extinguisher and how to turn off the water/gas lines.


Regularly check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace as needed. 


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